Always gain momentum with the right products for effective and sustainable windpower. We are serving the wind energy industry worldwide as part of the global HEIDENHAIN Group.

Wind Turbine

Complete portfolio

Through the Leine Linde sales network you will get access to the bundled HEIDENHAIN Group expertise in the matter of wind energy solutions. This means you can profit from our complete product portfolio in the accustomed quality.

Our local teams will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you at any time. Feel free to discuss your challenges and ideas with us!

Located in the wind industry hub

The wind location Hamburg is the hub where all the different facets of the industry converge: a center for all matters relating to wind power. Here you will find LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS, which is the competence center for all of the group’s tried-and-tested wind products and solutions. Our team of highly motivated engineers develop sub-systems for load-optimzed machine control and monitoring of main structural components. All this expertise is available on an international scale regarding the technical solutions.

Contact us by email info@ll-systems.com and let's shape the future of wind energy together.

Structural health monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

System development with the strong focus on Structural Health Monitoring.

Structural health monitoring

Data Analysis

Data analysis to optimize turbine operation and decrease levelized cost of energy.

Solutions from HEIDENHAIN group

Leine Linde Product

Encoders and sensors for different wind turbine applications.

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LTN Product

Customized slip rings for transmission of power and signals over rotary joints.

Read more at LTN Servotechnik.

RSF Product

Cable systems, interface connectors and converters.

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EplusE Product

Humidity and Temperature Transmitters.

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Heidenhain Product

Large selection of encoders with or without integral bearings.

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AMO Product

Portfolio of bearingless encoders for large diameters.

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