Discover our new products!
The EMS – Elongation Measurement System: The new strain measurement system for the optimization of wind turbine control and condition monitoring.

Discover our new products!
PITCHMO® and YAWMO® – electronic position detection & limit switches as 600 and 900 version for the azimuth and pitch system. Robust and flexible to optimize turbine control as 600. The 900 version with limit switches is as functional safe version according to SIL 2, PLd/Cat. 3 available.

Leine Linde LTN –
stronger together!
In addition to its focus for the wind energy sector, the LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS office will in future also provide support for all other sectors where Leine Linde and LTN Servotechnik are acting in, now under the name Leine Linde LTN.
The name is changing, but the office remains the same. It will be the same company, with the same good people – only more of them, and better connected, in closer cooperation with both the head offices and the sales teams all over the world.