Strain measurement rotor blade

Measuring systems

EMS-Elongation Measurement System
EMS Load-reduced turbine control (IPC)
Strain measurement system for supporting load-reduced turbine control (IPC)

Modern wind turbines (WT) are subject to stronger loads due to turbulent wind flows and the ever increasing size of rotors. The individual pitch control (IPC) can optimize the load on individual components which causes material fatigue. The EMS strain measurement system is used in this process to continuously and efficiently support the WT control unit: The ESR 125 sensors measure the strains that occur in the root area of the rotor blade. The EMS fieldbus CPU, which can be installed in the pitch cabinet for example, relies on scalable sensor sampling rate to check the plausibility of the measurement data in real time. Measured and pre-processed data can be sent directly to the pitch system or the WT control unit via a fieldbus interface.