Leine Linde LTN – stronger together!

In addition to its focus for the wind energy sector, the LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS office will in future also provide support for all other sectors where Leine Linde and LTN Servotechnik are acting in, now under the name Leine Linde LTN.

The name is changing, but the office remains the same. It will be the same company, with the same good people – only more of them, and better connected, in closer cooperation with both the head offices and the sales teams all over the world.

It goes without saying that you can continue to profit from our complete product portfolio in the accustomed quality and the bundled HEIDENHAIN Group expertise in the matter of wind. Our local team will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you at any time. Feel free to discuss your challenges and ideas with us!

Hub for the wind industry

The wind location Hamburg is the hub where all the different facets of the industry converge: it is the centre for all matters relating to wind power. Here you will find our competence center for all of the group’s tried-and-tested wind products, the place where existing products and sub-systems are further developed, and the home of project management for the entire group of companies. All this expertise is available on an international scale regarding technical solutions for everything to do with wind power.

Sister companies, working for your benefit

Leine Linde and LTN are sister companies, offering a wide range of products and solutions with a high level of ambition to care for the clients. We believe in technology and the people who use it!
From designing and delivering products and systems that answer to global needs, we know what usability and reliability means, both for the wind turbine manufacturer and for the teams working with the equipment and facilities locally. With care and experience, we deliver the best solutions for wind energy industry, onshore and offshore, all over the world.

Here you can download (ca. 2 mbyte) the LEINE LINDE SYSTEM’s company brochure which gives you a compact overview about our wide product range.

LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS GmbH is a member of Bundesverband Windenergie e.V.