Absolute singleturn encoder

IxA 607 - Absolute singleturn encoder with inductive scanning
The 607 absolute position encoder can be provided as single encoder in solid or hollow shaft design. The inductive scanning in combination with robust ball bearing allows high durability in demanding environments. This 58mm product is well known and highly used in the market. You can get the multiturn version as IxA 608 encoder.
RxA 507 - Robust and versatile absolute encoder
The versatile and modular 500er series encoder are available in shaft or hollow shaft design, which ensures simple installation. The absolute encoder series offers a 13bit singleturn resolution in a ruggedized design.
RxA 607 - Absolute position encoder with additional reference output signal
In addition to the lifetime and robustness is the specialty of the 600 series to have an additional 1 Vpp signal which is used as a reference for certain versions to check the output signal. Common fieldbus interfaces are also available.