CRG OptoLink converter for encoder with fibre optic interface
The CRG (compact robut gateway) OptoLink converter is together with an encoder with fibre optic interface the right solution for environments with high electromagnetic disturbances, transmission of signals over long distances and where galvanic insulation is required.
Encoder switch and splitter for incremental encoder signals
The encoder switch is able to switch and splitter incremental encoder signals. Therefore 6 channals for input and output are available with HTL, TTL or RS-422 signal interface. Designed in a compact DIN housing it is designed for rail mounting and usable as level converter.
Fieldbus gateway for encoder with EnDat interface
The fieldbus gateway for encoder with EnDat interface provides the functionality according to the CANopen, DeviceNet or PROFIBUS DP protocol. This allows to be highly flexible in connecting robust encoder to fieldbuses.
Interface connectors and cable for encoders
A wide range of different connectors and cables for signal and data transmission is available.
Mechanical accessories for encoders
A wide range of different mechanical accessories like bearing boxes, mounting clamps, measuring wheels, torque brackets, stator couplings, adapter flanges, shaft couplings and clamping rings are available.
Signal converter for frequency to analogue and serial output
The signal converter unit is able to convert frequncy to analogue or serial signals from incremental encoder with TTL, HTL or RS-422 interface. In a compact DIN housing the converter is prepared for rail mounting. Several output signal types like analogue (current, voltage) or serial (RS-232/RS-485) are available.
Speed monitor for speed control
The speed monitor is usable for control of overspeed, underspeed, standstill and direction of rotation of an encoder. Therefore three relays and an analogue output is available to react on selectable events. Designed in a compact housing for DIN rail mounting it is possible to read HTL, TTL or RS-422 signals of an encoder.