Incremental encoder

CHI 703 - Robust incremental encoder in compact design
The characteristic of the 700 series incremental encoder is its robustness for tough environment together with the compact design to minimize the overall build length. Still the heavy duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure.
ERM 2400 - Bearing-less encoder with high accuracy for large shafts
ERM encoders are characterized by compact dimensions and large inside diameters of up to 100mm. Larger diameters are available on request. Even at high shaft speeds a high signal quality and accuracy can be provided.
ERN 100 - Incremental encoder for large shafts
The ERN 100-series is the ideal product at generators with larger shaft diameter. Product versions for up to 50mm of shaft diameter are available. The high working temperature range allows a flexible usage.
MRI 2000 - Bearing-less encoder for large shafts
The magnet ring encoder is the ideal product to measure rotational speed of large shafts in rough conditions. Because of the segmented ring into peaces, the installation, service and transport is much easier than within other solutions.
RxI 503 - Robust 58mm incremental encoder
The 500er series is known because of its versatile and modular design. Several versions with solid and hollow shaft supports simple installation. A multiplicity of different output signals and resolutions are available.
XHD 865 - Incremental encoder with dual output signal
The more advanced 865 heavy duty incremental encoder offers two galvanic isolated output signals. Especially made for customers which have to use different output signals.
XHI 801 - Incremental encoder with OptoLink
Highly robust incremental encoder for rough environment and reliable data transmission with dual signal output via optical and electrical signal interface. This type of unit is often used for long distance data transfer and in environment with electromagnetic interference's.
XHI 862 - Heavy duty hollow shaft incremental encoder
The 862 heavy duty incremental encoder is the absolute classic product for the generator feedback application which is in use in many wind turbines all over the world.
XSI 850 - Robust incremental encoder with integrated diagnostic system ADS
The heavy duty XSI 850 out of the 800 series is extremely robust and made for harsh environments. The integrated diagnostic system (ADS) allows to set up a condition-based maintenance which prevents the machine for unexpected down time.