ADS diagnostic systems

ADS Classic - Encoder diagnostic system
The ADS classic system has been developed to permit the early detection of fault functions internally in rotating incremental pulse encoders. The main control system receives a message from the encoder about a detected fault function via a signal at the encoder’s alarm output. This alarm signal is sent to the operator who, with the help of a PC and the analysis software of the diagnostic system, can communicate with the encoder and establish the cause of the indicated fault. The operator is also informed of the frequency, internal temperature and operating period at the time of the fault.
ADS Online - Encoder diagnostic system
ADS Online offers an advanced diagnostics system that continually analyses the encoder's condition and warns for impending faults before they occur. The information and warnings are provided visually (LED), electrically (via single cable) and online (ethernet based interface for detailed data analysis).

The ADS Online is available as an option for the encoder models XHI 801 and XHI 803 out of the 800-series.
ADSR® - Slip ring with integrated diagnostic system
The system continuously analyzes the condition of the slip ring and predicts an error before it even occurs. Maintenance can therefore be planned more efficiently and unexpected downtimes can be largely avoided. A web interface or browser-based view of the current status, alarm history and reports completes the system. An optional OPC UA interface is available on request.