Robust and flexible position sensor for optimizing turbine control.

The YAWMO®-/PITCHMO® 600 is based on the ISA 600 series and detects the exact position of a wind turbine nacelle and the angle of each rotor blade. The tried and tested singleturn and multi-turn rotary encoder renders the position – via inductive scanning – immune to vibration, moisture, dust, heat and cold. Large-diameter ball bearings reduce the number of costly components and obviates the need for a conventional bearing block. The wide selection of fieldbus interfaces ensures compatibility with almost any kind of wind turbine control system. The 19-bit encoder/single-turn resolution is further optimized by a backlashed, customer-specific gear so that permanent contact with the gearing of the wind turbine can be guaranteed at all times.
Position sensor & limit switch.
Functional safety in accordance with SIL 2, PLd/Cat. 3

The YAWMO®/PITCHMO® 900 is based on the FSI 900 series and contains an integrated electronic limit switch with position sensor and fieldbus interface. A dual-channel single-turn and multi-turn position sensor that uses inductive scanning ensures a functionally safe solution with limit switches in accordance with SIL 2, PLd/Cat. 3. Failsafe relays included. The exact gear position and other information can be queried at any time. The modular design offers easy customization to match the WT design and allows the use of a backlashed, customer-specific gear for optimized system resolution and turbine control. Software is included that lets the customer make custom configurations and carry out device monitoring and diagnostics.