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Strain measurement
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The strain measurement system
for wind turbines.

The EMS can optimize your
WT control system and the
condition monitoring.
Pitch system
Electronic position sensor and
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Early detection the formation of ice - for the operation of a wind turbine is this an important function. We supply the IPMS® with highly accurate measurement sensors for fast, accurate measurement of humidity and temperature, with a reference sensor for plausibility and a camera for the live broadcast of the local situation. For operation at night can be used the remote spotlight.
Be it doubly fed asynchronous or synchronous equipment, the requirements that the communications units in the generator system must be able to meet are increasing continually. Permanentmagnet generators also require new feedback systems to measure the speed of rotation. LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS supplies custom encoder solutions to meet these challenging requirements.

For example, we can supply a robust magnetic ring encoder with a diameter up to two metres developed especially for gearless direct drives and even for so-called hybrid drives. To achieve greater speed stability and a longer life cycle, we can optionally provide you with a hybrid encoder featuring an innovative bearing made of steel and silicon nitride. And our classic, the XHI 862, is available in the form of a dual solution, the XHI 865, with two electrically isolated outputs in a single casing. Our encoders can optionally be fitted with lightning protection, our ADS Online™ diagnostic system, an LWL output, and matching mounting brackets, torque arms or bearing blocks.
Switchgear cabinets in wind turbines are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. To maintain the perfect climatic conditions inside the switchgear cabinet, our sensors reliably and precisely measure temperature and humidity as well as the dew point by means of a condensation monitor. We also supply prefabricated cables and cabling systems, with or without connectors, with every component having undergone full electrical testing.
What matters here is the reliable transmission of electrical current and of data by means of slip rings specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions under which wind turbines operate. Our slip rings are robust, low-maintenance, they are easy to service and have a long life cycle. The modular design with adaptor allows the slip ring to be replaced quickly and easily if required. Proven contact technologies, such as gold/gold, silver-carbon/silver track and multifibre/silver track ensure high contact quality. As a rule, slip rings can easily be adapted to meet customer requirements.
Fluctuating, sometimes extreme temperatures as well as strong oscillations and vibrations – electrical systems in new-generation wind turbines are required to function reliably, while still achieving a very long life cycle. We supply custom leads and cables especially designed to meet your specifications – ranging from data and sensor leads right through to POF and hybrid leads, from control and power supply cables all the way through to complete system solutions. And of course the required contacts and/or plug-type connectors are also available as an option. Finally, no cable system leaves our premises without first undergoing full functional and electrical testing.
Rapid and highly accurate measurement of the azimuth position requires precision and robustness to be built into absolute or incremental encoders. Here we offer the YAWMO® 600 or 900, a customized solution including gear and mounting brackets. We focus on a specific technology for even greater resistance, even in difficult conditions, such as i.a. the absolute encoder in the 600 or 900 series inductive scanning method and optimized ball bearings to increase the service life of the encoder. Total flexibility allows full integration into existing electrical systems for all types of encoders: for example, the entire inductive 600er series can be fitted with serial interfaces like SSI and EnDat as well as with common systems such as Profibus and Profinet. We can supply the encoders together with matching mounting brackets, torque arms or bearing blocks to suit your specifications.
With gearless drives and with medium-speed hybrid drives, it is often necessary to measure the rotational speed of the oversized main shaft. These measurements are provided by the innovative magnetic ring encoder MRI 2000, which can be adapted to match the diameter of shafts of any size. To allow easy installation and maintenance, the robust ring is divided into segments that are mounted onto the shaft or a flange from two sides. The ClampFit option makes installation even more straightforward: the ring automatically fits around the shaft as the bolts are tightened. Made of solid anodised aluminium, the encoder is protected from the weather and from salt water. Signal outputs, including High Current HTL and Optolink interfaces, are available as an option.
Changing the pitch of the rotor blades not only regulates the wind turbine’s power output; it also performs an important safety function during high winds and storms. Reliability and precision of the components used for this purpose therefore rank paramount. To cater for the different applications, we provide single-turn and multi-turn encoders with and without incremental signal as well as all commonly used interfaces. Thanks to our many years’ experience in onshore and offshore wind power equipment, we are able to provide the right solution for every situation.

We can also offer synchronous pitch motors in the form of compact permanent magnet DC motors. Their outstanding characteristics are high peak torque and a low moment of inertia. Other advantages are that they do not require external cooling, and that the brushless design requires very little maintenance. Used onshore or offshore – we can supply customized equipment to suit any application. Connection options come in a range of industry-standard plug-type connectors, also in combination with encoders.
The trend toward larger rotor diameters and higher hub heights also cause an increase of the load on machine frame, the tower and foundation of wind turbines. At the same time, these components are major cost factors and represent an ever growing logistical challenge. A sensor-based, optimized WT control system can significantly reduce the loads in a wind turbine. This results in a noticeable reduction in component size and material cost.
Rotor blades are the point of origin for generating the power and major system loads in a wind turbine. Special sensors in the rotor blades, particularly those located in the root position of each blade, are used to measure these individual loads. The data collected by these sensors can be used for additional condition monitoring, as validation between calculated and precise measurement data and for implementing new control concepts. For more efficiency and yield.
Available as PITCHMO® 600 or PITCHMO® 900

The rotor blades are the point of origin for generating the power and major system loads in a wind turbine. The purpose of pitch system control is to maximize energy yield while minimizing the structural load on the rotor blades as well as the mechanical load. In this regard, reliable and accurate knowledge about the current pitch position is critical for efficient turbine control.

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We are well aware that each location and every environment comes with its own special requirements and specifications, with each design calling for a specific solution. This is why you find standard and customized products here: you tell us what you need, and we find the right solution for you.

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