EE46 - Condensation monitor


EE46 condensation monitors are used to monitor the formation of condensation on chilled ceilings and to prevent condensation at critical spots of heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning systems. It is also used as a dewpoint monitor for systems operating near the dewpoint.
Because of the temperature coupling between the condensation monitor and the environment, the relative humidity is a measure for the dew-point. The condensation monitor measures the relative humidity near the dewpoint using its high-quality capacitive RH sensor. At reaching the switching point of 90% RH the output will provide an early warning signal for the initiation of control steps (increasing the initial water temperature, reducing the cooling capacity, switching on the heating, etc...).
For example is this a good way to protect power converter against dew.

Technical data 
Measuring range10...100% RH
Output signalSwitching point: 90 +/- 3% RH (potential free relay with changeover contact)
FunctionSwitching hysteresis: 5% RH
Voltage24V AC/DC
Protection classIP40 (other ratings on request)
Temperature range0...+50°C