ROQ 425 - Absolute multiturn encoder with clamping or synchro flange


In addition to the lifetime and robustness is the specialty of the ROQ 425-series to have an additional 1 Vpp signal which is used as a reference for certain versions to check the output signal. The high range of working temperature allows a flexible usage.

Technical data 
Shaft typeSolid shaft: 6 mm round
Flange typeSolid shaft: ø58mm synchro or clamping
Resolution13bit singleturn + 12bit multiturn
Output signalSSI + incremental 1Vpp, EnDat + incremental 1Vpp
ConnectionSSI/EnDat: M23, cable
Protection class- Encoder body: IP 67
- Shaft inlet: IP 64
Temperature rangeVariants up to -40...+100°C