MRI 2000 - Bearing-less encoder for large shafts


The magnet ring encoder is the ideal product to measure rotational speed of large shafts in rough conditions. Because of the segmented ring into peaces, the installation, service and transport is much easier than within other solutions.

Technical data 
Shaft type- Inner ring diameter between 1mm and more than 2000mm
- Outer ring diameter >140mm
Flange type- Flange mount for fixing to a flange expansion or
- ClampFit for mounting without flange expansion
ResolutionFree of choice
Output signalHTL, HC-HTL, TTL, RS-422, Optolink
ConnectionM23, cable
Protection classIP 67 (acc. to IEC 60529)
Temperature range-40°...+80°C
Special featureWide range air gap and tolerances between sensor head and magnet ring:
- radial 0.1mm - 2.6mm
- axial +/- 4mm